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March 31st, 2015

10:34 pm
When fandoms collide!

And, you know, I'm sure they did this on purpose.

First of all, if you're not watching "Forever," well, you should be. Go catch up. Stat. I'm not kidding. The conceit of the show is that Ioan Gruffudd plays the main character, Henry Morgan, who became immortal in his... mid-thirties? Judd Hirsch plays his adopted son Abe, whom he and his then-wife rescued from the Nazis as a baby in WWII.

So we just had a flashback where we got to meet a younger version of Abe. Played by David Krumholtz. Who played Charlie Epps in "Numb3rs." Whose dad was played by Judd Hirsch.

He did a damn fine job of channeling Judd, too. I hope we get to see more of him.