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April 12th, 2015

02:34 pm
So, let me get this straight...

Say, for the sake of argument, I write a story that gets published this year. (And, yes, I do have a specific story in mind for this little mental exercise.) Say also that it gets enough buzz to actually be nominated for an award.

I'm really proud of this story. I worked hard on it. I think it says important things and deals with important issues, while still being a fun read (for certain values of "fun"). It's one of the best things (if not the best thing) I've ever written. I'd be thrilled if it was nominated.

But. Suddenly, I'm supposed to turn this nomination down (on a story I adore, remember) because someone I have no control over put me on a slate? I'm supposed to think my nomination is "tainted" somehow, and should have an asterisk next to it?

You know what, how about: no, fuck that.

And if it happens (hahaha!), I'd be super happy if folks would let me be excited about it for five whole seconds before exploding in rage.