July 14th, 2015

wolf eyes

Forthcoming Anthology!

My gargoyle story will be appearing in "First and Starlight" in a couple of days:

"Future Finalists presents 1st & Starlight, their very first compilation of science fiction and fantasy. Future Finalists is a group of authors that have previously placed in the top 8 for at least one quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest, some of whom have already gone on to become winners.

Fourteen of these authors now contribute their strongest voices, offering glimpses of every corner of speculative fiction--from contemporary to high fantasy, from hard science fiction to the wildly experimental, the whole breadth of possibilities of the genre are showcased here.

Experience modern twists on fairy tale classics, extraordinary aliens and magical creatures. Heroes and heroines no matter how big or small (or inanimate!). Adventures across time and space and deep within the human mind. From great triumph to the little victories that make us up, the one thing these stories have in common is their greatness, and their enormous heart."

Here's the fantastic cover, by Koru Xypress:

Don't have a link yet, but watch this space. :)
Urge to bitchslap

Dear @LiveJournal:

I realize that losing my paltry two paid accounts will not do much to your bottom line.

But you are getting to the point where DreamWidth is looking like a better and better option. I won't be jumping; your own actions will have pushed me. You don't listen to your userbase. When your userbase complains about things, your basic reaction is "suck it up and deal."

Well, sucking it up and dealing by bailing on the site is looking like a more and more attractive option. I finally found the "thread/link" link you so helpfully got rid of/changed to the date/time stamp, but it sure would have been nice if you'd put something in a News or LJReleases post to the effect of "hey, that thing you've been used to for over ten years? Yeah, we moved it."

But this business of not being able to preview a post when I simply have LJLogin enabled (so I can see which of ten accounts I'm logged in to--two of which, as mentioned, are paid accounts with extra icons, and one of which had extra icons, though I haven't re-upped those this time, yet, because, well. You don't want me, clearly) is super sucky. I realize that you "don't support third-party software," and I'm not asking you to. But that software is incredibly useful to those very few of us still clinging bitterly to our roleplay accounts on LJ. What I'm asking you to do is not make it completely unusable to those of us who used it for years with no issues. It feels like you borked it on purpose, honestly, and the fact that you don't seem to care that it affected a wide swath of people with paid accounts makes me more and more likely to migrate to a place that actually wants me and welcomes me.

No love,
agilebrit & werewolf_hacker