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July 23rd, 2015

03:35 pm
And yet another sale to Lord of the Dead

Remember this entry, wherein I announced that this game liked my Demon-Prince story so much they accepted it and asked me for more?

I wrote them a vampire story and sent it in yesterday, and I just got an acceptance for that one as well.

I am super pleased with both of them, y'all, and very excited to see how they fit into the game.

It's time for an Extended Dance of Joy!

08:22 pm
In my quest to get my VHS movies replaced with DVDs...

I hied myself to FYE today to pick through their extensive collection. I picked up six movies for under $22. One of them wasn't on my list, but it's a Downey movie and it was a dollar, so... yeah.

To replace the VHS tapes, I picked up:
Mystery Men
Batman Forever (this remains my favorite Batman movie. And the only one I actually own. Shut up.)

Along with a pair of Robert Downey, Jr., movies:
The Pick-Up Artist (which was a dollar)
The Singing Detective (which was new rather than used... and four dollars)