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September 1st, 2015

09:01 pm
Story Acceptance!


You may recall a story I code-named "angry bitter angel." It was part of my very first short story NaNo project in 2013. The plot ballooned it into a twenty-thousand-word behemoth, and I despaired of ever selling it to any mainstream market, because

(a) angels and demons
(b) a serial killer
(c) overtly Biblical--but with an ending that will probably make a lot of Christians super uncomfortable
(d) twenty. thousand. words.

Four strikes, in today's market, right?

Well. STRAEON is doing a special issue exploring faith in science fiction and fantasy, and I just received an acceptance for my story. I was really pleased with the quality of the stories in the first issue of STRAEON, and am stoked to be part of that publication.

This marks my 6th sale on the year.

DO THE DANCE OF JOY WITH ME. (apropos icon is apropos)