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September 10th, 2015

11:53 am
PROMO TIME. "Pack Dynamics" and "Far Orbit: Apogee" now available for preorder!

I was poking through my publisher's Facebook page last night, when lo and behold, what accosted mine eyes but... my novel! I am so in love with that cover, you guys, you have no idea. The ebook is now available for pre-order and will be released Sept. 28. The dead-tree version is coming out sometime in October--unless you come to Salt Lake ComicCon, where you'll be able to pick up a special edition, which I will totally deface for you!

After seven horrific months as a POW, Army Ranger-turned-PI Ben Lockwood just wants a safe, boring life. With his boss on vacation, he takes what looks like an easy case of pharmaceutical espionage he can work from his desk.

Now he's caught in a three-way collision course between a ruthless werewolf on the hunt for a cure for his dying vampire wife, a mad scientist whose multinational company doesn't even research supernatural medicine--and himself. Ben's nanotech-injected blood holds the key to the vampire's recovery, and the werewolf doesn't much care if he lives or dies in the harvesting.

Ben thought he was done fighting wars when he got home from Afghanistan, but his hard-won sanity and his girlfriend's life are both at risk. He'd rather die than lose either. The battle lines are drawn in a billionaire's basement, and retreat isn't an option. No matter how outgunned he is.



If urban fantasy with a dollop of SF isn't your cup of tea, I have a space opera story in the forthcoming "Far Orbit: Apogee" anthology, from World Weaver Press. "The Affairs of Dragons" is actually my first sale ever, and editor Bascomb James kindly picked it up as a reprint for this volume. It will be released October 13.

Looking for science fiction stories like they used to write? Far Orbit Apogee takes all of the fun-to-read adventure, ingenuity, and heroism of mid-century pulp fiction and shapes it for a new generation of readers. Follow the adventures of heroic scientists, lunar detectives, space dragons [that's mine!--JF], robots, interstellar pirates, gun slingers, and other memorable and diverse characters as they wrestle with adversity beyond the borders of our small blue marble. Fun, engaging, pithy, and piquant, we’ve got it all.

Featuring stories from Jennnifer Campbell-Hicks, Dave Creek, Eric Del Carlo, Dominic Dulley, Nestor Delfino, Milo James Fowler, Julie Frost, Sam S. Kepfield, Keven R. Pittsinger, Wendy Sparrow, Anna Salonen, James Van Pelt, and Jay Werkheiser.


Why, yes, I think this is Dance-of-Joy-worthy.

12:00 pm
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