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September 27th, 2015

12:00 pm
My tweets

05:58 pm
@slcomiccon was so epic, you guys.

I shared booth space with living legends: Jim Butcher, RA Salvatore, Terry Brooks, Kevin J. Anderson, Chuck Gannon, Rebecca Moesta, Peter Orillian, Larry Corriea, Dave Farland, Tracy Hickman. And we had plenty of up-and-coming stars: Josh Vogt, RJ Terrell, Steve Diamond, Dan Willis, Peter Wacks. I know I'm leaving people out, to my everlasting shame, but there were so many books and authors and it was so incredibly amazing that it kind of overwhelmed my brain.

Also. My book sold out. My book sold out. MY BOOK SOLD OUT.

I got to hand a copy of it to Jim Butcher--after I encountered him wandering around in befuddlement looking for the booth and took him thataway. I hope I wasn't too fangirly. But I thanked him for Michael Carpenter (again), and told him I loved "Skin Game." I asked Kevin Hearne a question during his spotlight, but cannot for the life of me remember what it was.

We had a launch party in the bar that was super fun and quite successful. I signed lots of books. My feet hurt all the way up to my kneecaps, but it's the pain of accomplishment, by golly. I spent most of my time in the booth and probably only saw about half the actual show, but it was time well spent and we sold a ton of books.

I had a productive meeting with my acquisitions editor today, and hashed out some stuff vis a vis the short stories in the 'verse and a couple of thoughts about a sequel. No, not that sequel, that sequel is complete and utter id-fic and will not see the light of day. But a different sequel, which I actually seeded in the first book without even meaning to. Go, me!

And apparently some girls came to the booth on Saturday while I was off doing something (probably the Jim Butcher spotlight) and said "Is Julie Frost here? We read her book and really liked it and want to talk to her about it!" And the booth people were kind of confused. "You've read it already? When did you buy it?" Because, yeah, it debuted this weekend, right? And isn't available anywhere else yet. "Thursday!" So, uh. That happened. *flail*

And the brainweasels, the ones that say "they only did this to be nice, they didn't really think it would take off, and then they'd have an excuse to say 'well, we gave her a chance and it just didn't pan out'" are blessedly, blessedly silent.

Of course, the other brainweasels that are saying that "You had no idea what you were doing when you wrote the thing and you're never going to be able to duplicate that magic" are in full cry, but screw them. I have bunnies for the sequel. And, I mean. Clearly there should be bunnies in the sequel!