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November 5th, 2015

11:47 am
Last chance for the Monsters Storybundle!

The Monsters Storybundle ends around midnight (give or take, depending on where you are) tonight. Let me tell you about the last three books I haven't mentioned yet:

Empty Rooms
by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Richie Krebbs is an ex-cop, a walking encyclopedia of crime and criminals who chafes at bureaucracy. Frank Robey quit the FBI and joined the Detroit PD, obsessed with the case of a missing child and unwilling to leave the city before she was found. When Richie unearths a possible clue in one of Detroit's many abandoned homes, it puts him on a collision course with Frank—and with depths of depravity that neither man could have imagined.

How do people who dwell in the darkest places—by profession or predilection—maintain their connection to the world of light and humanity? Richie and Frank will need every coping mechanism at their disposal to survive their descent into darkness and emerge unbroken on the other side.

With Empty Rooms, bestselling award-winning novelist Jeffrey J. Mariotte introduces crime savant Krebbs and obsessive comic book fan Robey, who will quickly join the ranks of the most beloved heroes of thriller literature.

Helmet Head
by Mike Baron

Helmet Head. He was just a rumor to the rough and dangerous "one-percenters"—a monstrous motorcyclist dressed all in black who rode the back roads of Little Egypt cutting off the heads of other bikers with a samurai sword. But on one terrible stormy night, Deputy Pete Fagan discovers that Helmet Head is all too real—and consumed with a fury that won't be satisfied until his demonic sword drinks its fill.

Mike Baron is best known for his comics work, creator of The Badger, co-creator of Nexus, writer for The Punisher, The Flash, and others. He also writes such edgy, raw, powerful fiction that I called him the literary equivalent of Quentin Tarantino. I've published several of his novels at WordFire, but the most monstrous one is HELMET-HEAD, a nasty undead Nazi headhunter preying on and decapitating the toughest bikers. Sounds yummy! It certainly belongs here in this bundle. – Kevin J. Anderson

Monster Academy
by Matt Forbeck

When an explosion awakens young Ruddy in his dungeon bedroom in Castle Chaos, he escapes to the top of the tallest tower and tries to flee by transforming into his true form: a fire-breathing dragon. Instead, he's captured by the Royal Watch and registered for classes at the Royal Academy for Creature Habilitation, a juvenile hall for young monsters.

Under the watchful eye of his undead principal, Mr. Mortis, Ruddy must deal with his werewolf and goblin roommates and contend with a pair of troll-orc bullies bent on showing him who's boss at this school. But it all gets worse when a famed monster hunter turns up dead and the dragon kid is accused of his murder.

Ruddy and his new friends must work fast to clear his name. Otherwise, Abbot Pious will declare him guilty, close down the school, and put him to death!

Matt Forbeck is well known in the gaming and media tie-in world and we keep crossing paths in discussion groups, social media, and the convention circuit. I was looking for some new names to include here, and when Matt suggested MONSTER ACADEMY I couldn't have asked for anything more appropriate. – Kevin J. Anderson

Pick up your Monsters today! You won't be able to tomorrow.