June 30th, 2017

Guri praise the Lord

I have been remiss in updating STORY SALES news!

I've had a flurry of them this month. Lots of Pack Dynamics shorts coming out in the near future, even! It's taken those stories a long time to move, but moving they are.

Pack Dynamics stories:
"A Particular Skill Set" (Chambliss's origin story) will be forthcoming at the end of this year/beginning of next from The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. It'll be a free read across platforms.

"Brave Day Sunk in Hideous Night" (known in these parts as "time-traveling Ben) was accepted by StoryHack yesterday, and I signed the contract today. This will be my second Ben story published by StoryHack.

"Bad Actors" (Janni's story) is forthcoming from 3rd & Starlight, another in the anthology series put out by a group of Writers of the Future Finalists.

"Alpha Romeo" (Glam Ben) was accepted by "Mirages and Speculations." I don't have a timeline for this one yet.

Everything Else:
"Wild Irish Rose" (about a guy who's bitten by a werewolf on his evening jog and comes home to find that his dog is now terrified of him) will be out from Neo-Opsis... soon? I'm not sure how often they publish, and I don't have a contract for this one yet even though they accepted it back in February.

"Horns of a Paradox" (about a time-traveling wizard and his weasel familiar who can only go forward in time, ending up in modern-day Tennessee on a unicorn hunt) should be coming out sometime from Stupefying Stories. Still waiting on edits for that one.

"Give Up the Ghost" (wherein my tramp freighter crew is hired to take a graveyard to the edge of the system and space it) was accepted by Jouth yesterday. (Link goes to Jouth #2, wherein another one of my stories is published.)

"Tentacle Monsters in My Toilet and a Mad Scientist in My Kitchen" (eldritch abominations in the sewer system of a retirement community) should also be coming out from Stupefying sometime this year. Also waiting on edits.

"Habeas Felis" (Cat-hoarding Dragon) will be reprinted in Hic Sunt Dracones, published by Digital Fiction.

"Showing Faeries for Fun and Profit" and "Of Were-Critters, Widow Women, and Water Rights" will be coming out on audio (eventually) from Far Fetched Fables.

"Meerkat Manners" will be reprinted by Digital Science Fiction as a standalone and then bundled into a ten-story anthology. Should be soon-ish.

"Pussyfoot" (Catfeet story) is forthcoming from Grinning Skull Press in their annual "Cranial Leakage" anthology.

... huh. That's kind of a lot.

*facepalm* I am such an idiot. VERY IMPORTANT STORY SALE I LEFT OUT:

"Huffman Strikes Back," co-written with the handsome and hard-working Bryan Thomas Schmidt, will be appearing in The Monster Hunter Files, from Baen Books, available for pre-order right now.

Yes. I got paid to write authorized, canon fanfic in Larry Correia's Monster Hunter universe. I'm going to be in an anthology with Jim Butcher and a bunch of other people I adore. I'm going to be published by Baen.

How awesome is that, y'all?