July 21st, 2017

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Thu, 14:22: Hey, @photobucket, are you guys TRYING to go out of business? I'm a casual user, and I am NOT paying you $400 a year for 3rd-party hosting.
  • Thu, 14:24: For $400 a year, @photobucket, I can buy my own domain and host my photos myself. This is ridiculous.
  • Thu, 14:40: @photobucket account deleted. You people are out of your minds.
  • Thu, 18:55: Page 200 of 362 edits incorporated. Chugging along. I even know where the dinner scene I've been wrestling with goes...
  • Thu, 21:25: PAPER EDITS INCORPORATED INTO THE DOC. And now I can write this dinner scene.
  • Thu, 21:33: And now I know what Alex is working on that would make a bunny explode. The Australian government will be very happy, I'm sure.