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*stares at Africander fic* If I could write two hundred words a day until the deadline, I'd have it licked...

You know, I really want to have the can-do attitude of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider. Unfortunately, I have the attention span of the Whirlygig Beetle on Crack. Is that a fairy-tale character? It should be. I've done some housework today. Three loads of wash, cleaned the bathrooms (all three. Whee...) and the floors. Still need to vacuum and make some carrot bread. Also need to go on my walk, but I'm hoping the weather will spare me. It looks icky, and the weather people promised us snow or rain or some sort of wet stuff falling out of the sky, but it hasn't materialized yet. And among all that, I managed to smack the snot out of my elbow on a doorjamb and it's all swollen and OWIE.

Might be able to talk the Hubby into going to the bank and paying us today, since he's going to be gone on Friday, when we would normally get paid. The prospect of an entire five-day period with no cash does not fill me with glee. I could break into my WriterCon stash...but that would set a bad precedent. *smacks self* Don't even think about it, agilebrit.

Oh, and Da Boy managed to piss me off royally today, to boot. I was ATTEMPTING to listen to the news while they were talking about the hearings for (soon to be) Justice Alito, and he was playing with his RC car and making noise, so I couldn't hear it. I told him to stop, he didn't. Again. And one more time, and he looked at me very defiantly and said "NO!" Heh. So I jumped up, snatched the control out of his hand, and put it on top of the fridge, making it plain that that sort of open disobedience is right out. The car itself went up there too, for good measure. He'll get it back on Friday, if I'm in a good mood. Rawr.

Oh, and I saw the trailer for "Lady in the Water" and read the synopsis for it, and it looks awesome. I love M. Night anyway, and this looks like another cool movie by him. So that was a bit of coolness in the suckitude that my day has been.

New "Lost" tonight. Thank GOD.
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