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So, after several WTF dreams...

...involving my husband coming home unexpectedly from work (and me thinking that I had gotten up to greet him--THREE TIMES, with three different scenarios) I check my email and find that I've got a new review at Kate and Sawyer: The Lost Diaries, for the Sawyer character analysis I did back last season. Cool, thinks I. Then I read it. And it gives me a whole new level of "WTF, over?"

It reads as follows:
Do you not have ANYTHING better to do with your time? Really, this is the most time wasting activity you could of done with your life. LIFE!


Why yes, REFUSEbecky, it's called a "hobby." Maybe you should find a better one that doesn't involve flaming people on the internet, yourownself. And it's "could HAVE," not "could OF." Seriously, who the hell are you to tell me how I should be spending my time? What utter arrogance! Zark off and die, thanks.

You know, if she disagreed with the analysis, that's fine. Intelligent debate is fun and educational for everyone. But, dude, if you thought I got it wrong, there are better ways of telling me that than saying "Get a life!"

Stalker that I am, I searched her on Google, and she has a MySpace account (caution: crappy music ahoy). And she belongs to some "Straight-Edger/Hardcore GRRLZ!" forum. This is either her or someone imitating her, but I'm betting it's her. Same capitalization, same attitude. And she wants me to get a life? Um, yeah. 'Scuse my while my eyes roll so far into the back of my head that they get stuck there. Because the irony, it burns.
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