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*rips hair out*

Dear Firefly fandom:

Say it with me: It's "SHEPHERD." Not "shepard" or "sheperd" or any other weird permutation of the word. It is derived from two roots: "Sheep" and "Herd." Take out one of the E's in "Sheep," mush the two words together, and you get "Shepherd."


This rant brought to you by one too many fics where the word is egregiously misspelled throughout--one of which fics is nominated for an award and is riddled with so many other errors that I was banging my head on my keyboard. Spellcheck, people. A simple spellcheck should catch that. And if you think your spellcheck is on crack, then look it up someplace else.

No love,
agilebrit, who actually cares about spelling characters' names right. X-posted to fanficrants
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