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*kicks Antubis in his fuzzy pants*

I've got four days to finish this fic. I'm a thousand words into it...and I have no damb plot. I mean, yay for the thousand words, but, dude. I have no idea where it's going. I have ideas for a couple of things I want to do with it, but beyond that, I really don't have anything. *mumbles* For anyone who's curious, it's for Fred Appreciation Day, declared by the lovely and effulgent inlovewithnight, Feb 25th. Fred aboard the Serenity, Spike and Illyria show up too, yaddayaddayadda. And I'm going to pair up Illyria with Jayne, which should be all sorts of wacky fun. I still haven't decided if Jayne is Hamilton yet. Should watch the last few eps of AngelS5 again, and now I'm rambling so I'll just shut up.

In other news, I sent "Blooming Cactus" off to chrisleeoctaves instead of "Black Market Beagles" for the writercon archive because (a) I think it's a better story, and (b) the one I sent last time was also a humor fic...and I'm not sure that "humor" is my typical category, whereas "odd pairings" certainly is. So. *shrugs*
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