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Re: the Drinking Game.
So, we had two medi-cams, two instances of House taking Vicodin, misdirection at the beginning as to who the PotW was going to be, the patient going into arrest and being brought back, two misdiagnoses (one of a dead person), House twirling his cane, House & Wilson bickering like an old married couple twice, and House doing some bullying to get a patient a treatment. That adds up to thirteen drinks for tonight's ep.

And we've also had Adam Busch being sexually attracted to his step-mom, and asking for Depo-Provera in order to deal with it! Considering who he played on BtVS, this is SO poetic justice. We've also seen Howard Hesseman get old *sobs* and House get kneed in the groin because he was being an asshole. We've also seen the patient's daughter give the saddest puppy-dog look ON EARTH to the heart donor's husband. DUDE. I'd have given him my own heart, someone looked at me like that.

And, in a shocking development, Wilson's third divorce isn't going to be his fault. His wife is the one having an affair. Huh.

I totally loved this ep.
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