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American Idol, and icons! Oh! AND!

I have a new camera! *kermitflails* It's pretty and shiny and I loooooovvvveeeessssss it. Can't wait to take it to the zoo. Expect picspam of the kitties and the dog, oh yes.

Completely unrelated icons to American Idol, but since I haven't really written anything except a snippet of a scene where Mal gets on Zoe's case about her relationship with Jayne which is apropos of NO fic I'm working on right this minute...Gyah.

American Idol:

Maybe it was the song selection this week, but it was mostly one big "meh" for me. With a few notable exceptions.

Mandisa: set the BAR. That was completely awesome. And she looked fabulous.

Bucky: Meh. It was okay, not special. Agreed with Simon on that one. "A pointless karaoke performance."

Paris: Surprising that that voice comes out of that little girl. She's awesome.

Chris: That was brilliant. He took "Walk the Line" and totally made it his own. Dressing in black was a wonderful tribute. He's this year's Bo Bice, and I think he's the male vocalist to beat, as much as I love Taylor. He stands out EVERY WEEK.

Katherine: *shrug* She just doesn't do anything for me.

Taylor: I love him, I do. But I didn't love this.

Lisa: She's good. Very good. But she just doesn't stand out to me.

Kevin: Didn't miss a note, and didn't do a thing for me. The kid's good, watch out for him in ten years, but now? He needs more maturity for this competition.

Elliot: Another matter of, meh, didn't do a thing for me. Must be the song selection tonight.

Kellie: She's so cute. I liked it.

Ace: And another "meh" for me. I like him. But this was Meh.

I did some Anya "Plot Bunny" icons today, as well as a kitty I snagged from cute_overload, which is addictive.

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