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My day so far...

I may have semi-committed to make icon pins for folks at writercon, so I've been out and about getting info on supplies and printing and such. I can pick up a glue gun for $1.99, plus another $1.49 for the sticks. They have pinbacks for $2.99 for 35. The office supply store I went to can't print my pages for me because I use WP and they use Word, which messes up the formatting of the pages--plus they're copyrighted images, so even if they COULD, they WOULDN'T. However, they don't have a problem with laminating them at a buck a page, so it's at least partially doable. I just need to see if my own printer will print the pages out, or see if one of my friends can do it for me. Or maybe I'll berate the Hubby into buying us a fancy-schmancy printer that's better than the old and sad thing we're currently using (which would be better).

I also went to Barnes and Noble to pick up copies of Analog and Fantasy and Science Fiction, to see what they're publishing these days. You know, it's been so long that I've read profic short stories, I've almost forgotten what they're like. It'll be interesting to see how other authors do things.

Mmmm. Caramel macchiato. Yes, I realize that it's something like 500 calories. Shut up.

And I have soda again; ran out this morning. Local grocery store is running a 3-for-$3, along with a buy-3-get-1-free deal. Four two-liter bottles of Diet Cherry-Vanilla Coke for three bucks? SCORE.

I still need to go to the comic book store and pick up my copy of "Angel: Old Friends, issue 2" that they should be holding for me. Then I can actually, you know, start reading the series, since I have 1, 3, and 4.

I have made two icons today. I've slightly edited the something like two hundred words I managed to bang out on the CYAfic. I've aerobicized with The Perky but Evil Tamilee Webb and Her Minions of Perky Doom, Tracy York and Donna Richardson. The Hubby cut my hair so I no longer look like a Bearded Collie on a bad day. And I've even answered an email from my (published) Mom addressing concerns about publishing (original fic) online and why that is a Bad Idea. Fortunately, most of my writing is so fandom-specific that it would make no sense for anyone to steal the stories out of context, and the ProBeagleFic will not see the light of day online unless I sell it to an online publisher, so hopefully I will have put her fears to rest.

*looks over all that* Why am I not collapsing into a puddle of goo? Must be the coffee...
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