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OMGkermitflail NEW PRINTER!!!

And oh, yes. I am holding and squeezing it and naming it "George." I looooooves it, I does. I went from "Oh dear, the idea of making pins from LJ icons for the nice folks at writercon isn't going to work at all because these printouts SUCK" to "Oh my gosh, wow, photo-y goodness, these are SHINY."

After playing with the settings a bit, I've determined that the optimum size for these bad boys is an inch square. And NOW I get into legalities. Most icons are fandom-related, made from copyrighted images. Using them for LJ is toeing a fine enough line, legally, although I think the argument can be made that this is "fair use." Making a profit on them, however, is a whole 'nother biscuit.

So, I probably can't "sell" them as such. But...taking donations to cover cost of materials? That should be kosher, shouldn't it?
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