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What was the first thing I had to do this morning?

I know you're dying to find out.

I had to give mouth-to-mouth recusitation to a plush tiger. Da Boy made a lip at me this morning and informed me that it was "dead." I believe the gist of it was that his other stuffed animals (specifically, his badger) had jumped on it or something. I was the one that suggested the mouth-to-mouth, because, hey. Big lip, you know?

And now we're going to put the badger in "jail." Which would be the dog's crate.

Oh, and a few minutes later, Da Boy went "Ewwww!" at me for giving the tiger m2m. *snerk*

This is life with a five-year-old who watches "Bones" and "House." I have the feeling that it is never, ever going to be boring.
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