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*waves from Iowa*

Y, helLO thar!

It's Easter Week, and rather than going to Moab like we do every year...

We drove to Iowa to look at an airplane.

As some of you may or may not know, the Hubby has been looking at buying us an airplane for awhile, and he's been bouncing all over the country for the last few months looking at them. Since we had ten days off in a row that we'd planned on doing the Jeep Safari in (and then didn't do the Jeep Safari), we decided that a road trip was in order, seeing as how an airplane of the kind we're looking for (a Cessna 177 Cardinal RG) popped up in Iowa.

So, we sent the dog off to the kennel, packed our bags, and headed east. Drove...awhile, made it to North Platte, NE (about 660 miles), and stopped for the night. I managed to clock about three hours of sleep. Whee.

Now we're in Des Moines. He's gone to do some preliminary peeking at the plane, and I'm in the hotel working up a final edit for the cya_ficathon fic, which I put a "THE END" at the bottom of this morning. Which, YAY, because I was starting to wonder if I'd ever finish the damb thing. 6000 words later, I think I have. I scoff, SCOFF, I say, at your thousand-word minimum! Even if I'm late. Um. *eyeshift*

So, tomorrow, Da Boy and I are going to the Blank Park Zoo while the Hubby goes and does more looking at the plane. We may drive back to Omaha tomorrow night, stay overnight, and we're definitely planning on going to the Henry Doorly Zoo, which so totaly rocks like a rocking thing. With aardvarks. And we're not sure what's happening after that.

I haven't got a hope in hell of catching up with my flist. If there's anything important happening in your lives, by all means, let me know.

irfikos, we'll be going through Lincoln on our way home...
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