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Adventures in parenting...

Da Boy has been incredibly cute today.

Incident #1
His plush tiger "jumped" up onto the dog's crate, where Da Boy's track thing resided, wrecking it. Therefore, Da Boy grabbed a bunch of his Fisher Price fences and built a fence for it. Keep in mind that the crate is a good foot and a half high, while the "fence" isn't more than a couple of inches. But, by the Power of Fence-fu, the tiger couldn't leap the fence, and thus the track thing was safe.

Incident #2
He's got two plush polar bears and two plush big cats (the aforementioned tiger and a snow leopard). He lined them up tonight in front of the TV...then asked them if they were cold. Upon apparently receiving an answer in the affirmative, he placed his blanky over them to warm them up.

Incident #3
A trailer for the new "Poseidon" movie came on the TV during NASCAR. Da Boy said "We have to watch that because it has Jayne." He remembered "The Poseidon Adventure" from November. We had to explain to him that it's a different movie.

We've warped him, yes we have...
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