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*evil laughter*

I have a hook for my two_of_us_ficathon story. And yes, it's a plot device that's been used since time immemorial, and most profic publishers won't even look at a story that uses it, but I don't care.

I still don't have anything for my looming apocalyptothon fic, alas, and it's due sooner than the Two Of Us story. Well, I've found that a deadline concentrates the mind wonderfully, so hopefully I'll have...something or other...by then.

To-do list for today:
  • Dust
  • vacuum I don't have to do this until tomorrow. Yay!
  • laundry
  • exercise
  • bank
  • clean up the arm of my chair, because chaos = bad
  • downstairs bathroom
  • boy bathroom
  • master bathroom
  • downstairs linoleum
  • upstairs linoleum

Um. Guess I'd better get on that...

Yay! All done. And I have actual words and some research done for my two_of_us_ficathon. This is going to hurt. *more evil laughter*
Tags: apocalyptothon, to-do, two of us, writing
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