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I'm working on my apocalyptothon fic, right? And I realized this afternoon that I've got thirteen characters from two different fandoms to juggle here. And giving each character his or her moment to shine is going to be a task of Hercules-in-the-Augean-Stables proportions. Hopefully with less poop.

I've got three weeks (exactly) to finish it.

I have a few things I want to accomplish in this fic. Spike and Fred have to start heading in the direction of a relationship. So do Jayne and Illyria. (Yes, I just heard all your heads explode. Shut up. They'd be cute together. I don't care if that's a bad reason for shipping a couple.) Somehow or other I have to slip in an apocalypse, which I've just started on the road to by revealing what's in the box. I have to figure out how to activate the Slayers again. I have to build backstory without using the Exposition Fairy too much, because exposition = UGH. And I have to have more action in it, because right now it's just a bunch of people yakking at each other, which is teh dull.

Heh. I wonder how long a vampire can go without blood without going bananas...Because, I think I'm going to have to figure out a way of feeding Spike, otherwise. Which will feed my own cast-iron kink. Argh. Isn't this fic self-indulgent enough?

*kicks Antubis in his fuzzy pants* Let's get a move on here, fangface.
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