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To-do list...

for the apocalyptothon fic:

  • get Spike and Fred started on the road to a relationship
  • ditto Jayne and Illyria *evil laughter*
  • figure out where this particular apocalypse is going to start
  • get them there
  • stop it
  • remember to keep the secret from my flist as to what's actually in the box, because I don't want to spoil the surprise
  • give each of the thirteen characters in this thing a chance to shine
  • bop the Exposition Fairy over the head if he gets too damb wordy
  • remember that dialogue is good, but a fic that's all dialogue for fourteen pages is bad
  • the deadline for this thing is June 1st. GET CRACKING ON IT.
  • plot. Plot would be good.
Tags: apocalyptothon, to-do
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