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Growing stuff...

I freely admit that under most circumstances, I have a black thumb. I once managed to kill a cactus, for crying out loud.

However, last year I planted some catnip for the cats. And it grew. And grew, and grew. Which was pretty shiny, and the Gray Cat enjoys it. She doesn't go nuts over it the way our Audrey Kitty used to, but she rubs on it and rolls on it and then sleeps with her nose right next to it. So, that experiment was a success. The stuff is still growing, in fact.

On our walk route, there is a cherry tree. This year, I noticed little treelets growing in the lawn where this tree grows. Figuring that they'd just get mown down later, I liberated five of them and planted them in pots, sticking them in the same window I've got the catnip in.

Three of them have taken off. I killed one of them by attempting to bonsai it. And the last one...hasn't died, but hasn't grown either. Weird. Maybe it'll bonsai itself...

In other news, today I need to clean the bathrooms, call the store and see if the patio furniture has come in yet (it hasn't), and go to the bank. Walk. Possibly dust. And write. Tons of TV tonight: Season finale of "Bones" and "CSI:NY," and a new ep of "Lost," plus results for AI. Someone wanna 'splain to me why they need a whole hour for AI tonight? Blah. *crosses fingers for Taylor*
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