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Going to see X3 this morning.

Yes, I've seen the reactions on my flist to this movie. I haven't read the spoilers, so I don't know the "why," but the howls of outrage have reverberated, and I have taken note of them.

That being said...No, I don't care.

Because, dude, Hugh Jackman smoking a cigar in a wifebeater. While stuff blows up behind him. HOW COOL IS THAT???

Plus there's the fact that the only Xverse I'm actually familiar with is the movieverse. This probably makes me a bad fan. But with the comicverse? Where would you even START? And aren't there conflicting comicverses? The Wolverine Origins comics are somewhat interesting to me, because, hey, Wolverine is hot and I'm shallow and I think they just started up with that. But I also only have so much to spend on comics, and lately it's been going to AngelVerse ones. If you haven't picked up the Illyria Spotlight one, then run and get it. It rocks.

Anyway. Hugh Jackman. Cigar. Wifebeater. Blowing stuff up. Yeah.

That's worth the price of admission, right there.

*uses Zoe/Jayne icon just because I haven't in awhile*
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