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*bangs head on keyboard*

I. Am. A. Moron.

I've now done the math. If I buy the other issue of "Angel: The Curse" from the eBay auction I'm planning on getting it from, then, cost-wise? It's pretty much a wash for me if I'd just gotten the TPB instead.

Dear self,

Think these things through a little better, mkay? Your wallet will thank you for it.

No love,

In other news, I'm not sure my basic premise for the random_urges fic works at all. Mal would not be sanguine (pun certainly intended) about taking a vampire aboard his boat, even if assured that said vampire would only be feeding from the sheep provided. And Angel would not be all casual about revealing the fact that Spike is a vampire to a perfect stranger.

Tags: comics, random urges

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