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I have justified buying this t-shirt with my WriterCon money under the category of "swag." I wanted it when Hot Topic had it...and then they meanly discontinued it before I could snag it. No way am I letting that opportunity go by again.

In fact, most of the $50 per check I put towards WriterCon is not going in the two-liter bottle I'm using as a bank this time. I want to buy the t-shirt and the yearbook...thing, too. Except...the website seems to be down. Rats.

In other WriterCon news, those of you on my flist who want an icon pin, sing out. I'm going to be making the final ones very soon.

I'm on track, money-wise, which is a fine and shiny thing. Now, if only the airline ticket prices would drop another hundred bucks or so, I could buy one and not have to fly standby. The fact that they've dropped $80 since the last time I looked is a hopeful one.
Tags: pins, swag, writercon

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