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I did two half-hour sessions on my new recumbent stationary bike today and burned (according to the little readout doohickey) five hundred calories, total.

That's good, right?

In fic-writing news, I've done a whole paragraph in my random_urges ficathon entry. Go, me?

We did a day trip to Moab yesterday. Bought some pretties for the front room, which is coming together nicely. Wandered about some furniture stores today, looking for coffee and end tables. Found a set we like, which we'll probably grab next paycheck or so. Yay.

*headdesks* Remember how I said I wasn't going to break into my WriterCon fund anymore? Well. I found a teeny tiny echidna carved out of bone in one of the little shops in Moab. How could I say no to that? Will post a pic of him soon. His detail is incredible; I'll never find another like him. So, now I have to save an extra $15 from each check from the two we're getting between now and then. But, but...ECHIDNA! And...echidna that CAN'T POSSIBLY BE MISTAKEN FOR A HEDGEHOG.

*headdesks again* I spend my money on the strangest things.
Tags: anteaters, exercise, furniture, random urges, writing

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