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I've finished updating themustardverse with "Reward." It's there in all its Sue-riffic glory. Yay. It's kind of funny to go back and re-read the thing. Some things, I like very much. Others, not so much. I am teh carp at writing romance; that hasn't changed. I've gotten better at plotting and thinking things through and phrasing. Less exposition, more action. I caught a couple of times where I used "???" and ruthlessly expunged them. Also a "?!" -- but I've actually seen that in a published Honor Harrington novel, so that doesn't bug me as much. But I got rid of it as well.

Also, that fic right there? Contains the birth of my cast-iron kink, although I didn't know it at the time. Female-type people feeding themselves to Spike, whether it's Mandy, Buffy, Illyria, or Fred...and always with a self-inflicted wrist wound rather than a bite to the neck.

It's a sickness, I tell you...
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