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Yep, this is definitely one of my fics...

I'm describing the damb sheep better than I am the humans.

Of course, the sheep are extremely cute. <= two separate links to two smallish pix.

Guess I actually retained something useful from that ag course I took twenty years ago in college when I was flailing around trying to pick a major. Those are Southdown Sheep, and they're little and adorable and I think I want a couple...

Less than 250 words so far today, but at least the cargo bay door is closed and Serenity is (probably) on its way out of atmo. Somewhere around 1800 words, just to get Spike on the boat. The characters won't SHUT UP.

*mumbles and heads off to bed*

Oh, hey. Someone kick me tomorrow until I've got three chapters of "Mustard Seed" uploaded to themustardverse, k?
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