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Da Boy and I have such interesting conversations. We were in the car today, and he mentioned that he had the hiccups. I told him that when he was inside me, he used to get them all the time. (And boy, is that a weird feeling!) This led him to ask me if he "hurt me" when he came out. I told him yes, but the doctor helped me. "Did it take all day?"

"Most of it."

"Did it hurt you when I was in your throat?"

I blinked a bit. Where had THAT come from? "No, honey, you weren't in my throat." I guess he thought he came out...through my mouth? Which is logical, in a strange way. Let's face it: What comes out the other end?

Yeah, I think it may be time to break out the "this is where babies come from" book.

*sigh* The Utah Browncoats are having a Serenity screening tonight. Alas, I don't get to go. Not only am I broke (although I could probably scrape the money together if I REALLY needed to), but the Hubby won't get home until well after it starts tonight. It is teh suck. Ah well. At least he's got the 8th of July off (yay, Meetup!), and the WriterCon block off, next month.

We're talking about going to Orange County next week; he's got an all-day layover there, and there's two little zoos on the reciprocal list and a big-ass mall, plus the harbor. Sounds like a day trip...as long as Da Boy and I can get back.

I've got the crew talking about who knows and who doesn't know about vampires now. Whee.

Yack, yack, yack, is all they ever do...

My period started today. On time. Which is a good, and a bad. It's been coming every three weeks now for a few months, so to have one actually happen when it's supposed to is a good. However, the timing, if it comes on time next month, is a bad...because that's right during WriterCon. Natch. Thankfully, my periods aren't the horrendous hellbeasts that many women have; I "just" get a sore back and some mostly minor cramping. It's still damned inconvenient.

No sign of either of the comics I won on eBay last week. Woe. Also no word on the airplane. I guess the radio they sent in for repair is still ... in for repair. The HubbyAirline is apparently going to start direct service to Des Moines next month, so that's shiny; maybe we'll all get to go instead of just him.

Yeah. Random.
Tags: airplane, da boy, girly tmi, random, random urges, vacations

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