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Go, me...

I managed to fix the layout of themustardverse with the banner, and I've stickied a list of links, in order, to the fic and commentaries that are posted there so far. Progress is being made. For my next trick, I'll actually go in and edit the fic posts with links to the next chapter. Yay!

In other news, I've also made some small progress on the random_urges fic. For my next trick, Spike will actually have something to say other than slurred mumbling. Yay!

Is it bad that my own writing sometimes fills me with unseemly glee? Sometimes I just love the way a phrase turns. "Ain't often we get food with our food." *snerk* For my next trick, I'll attempt to have an action sequence. Yay!
Tags: mustardverse, random urges

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