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Reading the LJ FAQ's is useful and generally helpful.

I found out that, while I can't turn themustardverse into a comm for better ease of posting and editing entries, if I just want to post something there without logging out of my main account, there's a handy link I never noticed above the date that says "To post as another user, click here." Yay.

I've also discovered that having something sticky at the top of the LJ the way I do at themustardverse apparently makes it so that updates don't post to a flist. So, I wonder what will happen if I make that entry private until everything's done and posted. *sigh* It's always something.

The good news is that I've gone in and edited all the entries so that there's ease of navigation through the different fics. Now, at the bottom of each Ch1, is a link to its respective Ch2, and so forth. So that's done. Perhaps I should update the Memories of that LJ so the fics are in there too.

Hmph. The Hubby got some flashlights on eBay a couple of days ago. They arrived today. The comics I won almost two weeks ago, one of which was supposed to be shipped via Priority Mail? Nowhere to be seen. I am not amused by this development, and if I don't see them by Friday, a couple of sellers are going to get irate emails from me.

Writing? What is this writing of which you speak?
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