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Well, that gave me an interesting mental picture.

I wandered over to my local radio station's website, and they're flashing news headlines along with the first few lines of the story there. But they're going FAST. And so what I thought I read was this:

Britney Spears Poses Nude
The heavily pregnant star appears on the cover of the August edition of Harper's Bazaar magazine ordering military tribunals for Guantanamo Bay detainees.

After a brief WTF moment, I realized what had happened.

Yes. I need more caffeine.

I scribbled about 200 words yesterday. Go, me? More snark. Spike getting a WTF moment with River. Plot? There's no plot. Just snark. But my couple will actually meet in the next scene! Yay.

*uses Jayne/Zoe icon because I haven't for awhile*
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