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More writercon stuff...

Well, since speakr2customrs seems to have been the only one with a strong opinion as to which fic I should submit to the Writer's Salon, I took his advice and sent off "Confusing Conclusions." Which I hate the title of, BTW.

NOW ... I have to figure out which fic I'm taking for the WriterCon Library. Everyone loves the BeagleFic, but at the same time, I think everyone's READ it. "Blooming Cactus" (the first Jayne/Zoe thing) is already up at Chrislee's site. So those two are out.

Could do the DamnFic. Or the Was-Supposed-To-Be-a-Threesome-But-Wasn't. Or the entire ColdComfortVerse. Or either of the crossovers. The Wes/Lilah? Maybe "Cerberus" with all its alternates... "Solid State" or "Soulless Evil Things" would be good...

Decisions, decisions. Argh. Is there such a thing as being too prolific?

In other news, I just found out that "A Scanner Darkly" won't open in SLC until NEXT week. Which is fine. The lovely and effulgent bigsciencybrain and I have made tentative plans to see it in Atlanta, since neither of us is going to the smut panels Friday night.

Well, the Hubby's home at last, and I am tired, so I will bid you all a fond goodnight.

I'll probably edit this post tomorrow with linkage, but all the above fic can be found on my FFN profile.
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