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Okay, maybe I don't suck after all.

So, I started to write the "a vampire and a mechanic walk into a bar" story...and then I realized that most of the dialogue could be modified for the current piece. Alcohol is a wonderful lubricant, and I got them railing about their respective bosses and members of the opposite sex in their lives... and now we have kissage. Yay. And Mal walking in. *snerk*

In other news, Da Boy came running into the house this morning and said "Bridget bit a bird!" And at first I was all, oh, good, dog finally got some of her own back, because the magpies and starlings steal her food all the time. And then I go out to see what's the what...

And it was a mourning dove. :(

At first, I thought it was okay except for some missing tail feathers, so I put it in the front yard, and it walked away and seemed okay. But after awhile, it hadn't moved from where it stopped, so I called animal control, and they asked me to put it in a box for them, and they just came and got it. During the recapture, I noticed that it does have a wing injury. So, they're probably going to put it to sleep. :(

But I got to meet the new neighbor lady, and she has a four-year-old boy and a 20-month-old little girl, and is very nice, and Da Boy is playing over at their house right now. *does a little dance* Peace and quiet! Maybe I'll get to finish this thing!
Tags: da boy, life, random urges, writing
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