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*does a little dance*

The random_urges fic-o-doom has a finis at the end of it. I just need a title and a last-minute edit, and to format it into chapters (because, dude...7000 words). Go, me!

Da Boy requested "The Incredibles" tonight, and I was only too happy to oblige. OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

In writercon news, I went to the bank and got some usable money, so that's taken care of. And another fic came in for the Writer's Salon...so I have to go to Wally World and pick up another folder for it. I still haven't critted the other four. *wibbles* I also need to pack, but that shouldn't really take long, because I'm a very light packer.

And why did no one tell me that Alan Dean Foster had written a trilogy of books wherein a guy gets kidnaped by aliens so they can sell him as a pet because he's a "cute" alien himself? And there's a talking dog! DUDES!

Also, I just finished jimbutcher's first "Codex Alera" book, and it was made of awesome. OMG I love that man. As a writer, of course.

WriterCon in two days. *flails*

ETA: LICORICE ALTOIDS. *flails some more* Someone check my pulse; I think I just died and went to Heaven...
Tags: books, random urges, writercon
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