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Whee! writercon!

*is ded*

Sleep? We don't need no steenking sleep! Yeah.

I think I'm finally done with the crit for the Writers Salon. At least, as done as I'm going to get. Grammar Panel? Um...yeah. That's next.

I have discovered that Jim Beam goes well with Diet Mountain Dew. Not that I normally drink booze at all, but I found out last night that the ibuprofen isn't doing a very good job on my back pain...but alcohol managed to. *deadpan* Yay.

My flight out of SLC was delayed because our plane coming in from Chicago was delayed because of weather. This meant that rather than getting into Atlanta at 5, I didn't get in until 9:30ish. Yay. And that meant, in turn, that registration was closed by the time bigsciencybrain and I got to the hotel, so I got to get up early to go get registered.

Have met many on my flist, including shaddyr, sunnyd_lite, kats_meow, aadler, appomattoxco, mommanerd, and irfikos. Have yet to see kallysten, inlovewithnight, hurry_sundown, or honorh.

And am now toddling off to socialize some more.
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