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OMG, WriterCon! I met so many fantastic people! The panels were teh awesome! The Muse has been sparked, although what came out on the plane home is not happy fic at all and will probably have people screaming for my head on a platter. Which, you know, I'm okay with, because that means I did what I set out to do. *evil laughter*

I did a fifteen-minute ficlet during the "Writing Ensemble" panel that I will post as soon as I transcribe it. The challenge was to write Cordy, Xander, Willow, Buffy, Oz, and Giles into a fic involving an argument over a cursed football. I haven't done a word count on it or anything, but it's short, because...fifteen minutes.

I drank more booze over WriterCon weekend than I have in the last twenty years. The aforementioned (previous post) back spasms were actually mitigated by alcohol, but I did manage to limit myself to just two or three drinks a night over several hours--and also managed to avoid a visit from the Oh God of Hangovers, which made me happy. Also, I had a Seabreeze for "research" purposes, and now I know why Lorne likes them so much. They are teh yum.

I think I found a kindred spirit in aadler. Those of us on the conservative end of the political spectrum often feel marginalized among our fellow writers, who tend to be a rather liberal lot; and Alix and I bonded over the fact that we both literally found ourselves biting our tongues in order to not cause wank. I really would have loved to talk with him more--but I probably monopolized him enough.

shaddyr kept the hospitality suite jumping. The panels were kept on time and organized very well, and I learned quite a bit, although I would have liked to have been able to clone myself a few times. Choosing between the "pro" tracks vs the "craft" tracks was difficult; however, since I'm not sure I'm ready to go pro just yet ("Illegal Beagles" being a notable exception), I did the craft track. I especially took a LOT of notes during the "Why we love the bad boys" panel on effective villains. Now I know what I need for my original novel to give it that extra punch.

kurakami is adorable and fun and has a GREAT smile. *waves* Now I must read some of your writing... And, really. I would have loved to see you in a kilt.

Okay, I consider myself to be be pretty much on the periphery of fandom. I post stuff at the Pit and in my own LJ, and very rarely in communities, although I belong to a ton of them. I'm not a BNF by any stretch of anyone's imagination.

And yet, someone on the ConComm told me that I was considered for about six different panels.


I didn't know they even knew who I am. Um, wow. I'm really quite flattered.

The Atlanta Zoo is quite nice, and I got some great pix that I will be uploading, um, sometime. PANDAS!

And I actually came back with about $200 left over. *flails* Decisions, decisions. "Farscape" DVDs, a Oaxacan carving, those little clay animal thingies I like for the front room and can't find online ANYWHERE... Hubby and I are going to Park City when he's done working for the week to look for more decorative stuff. Also, my local comic store got a Spike TPB, Spike vs Dracula #4, and the Angel Spotlight: Doyle comic in. If the Spike TPB has the comic I missed in it ("Old Times"), I may just buy that and pass the other ones I already have on to other people. However, I just looked on eBay, and someone's got "Old Times" up right now with a 99-cent starting bid; it ends in 7 hours. *puts on watch list*

Well. I've got tons of stuff to do, books due at the library, yadda yadda yadda. Suffice to say that I had a great time and can't wait to do it again.
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