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I hate when the power goes out. Must...have...internet...fix. *huffs*

So, the power comes back up, and I get back online, and notice that my Yahoo SpamBox has 17 messages in it. I don't just delete them; I have a look at senders and subject lines just to make sure that something didn't get stuck in there that didn't belong. So I'm scanning the subject lines, and one jumps out at me:

Huge capybara

I blink a couple of times, but it's still there. So, out of morbid curiosity, I click on it, expecting a Viagra ad, because that would just be funny...

No such luck. It's a stock tip. Alas, my life is mundane.

In other spam news, what's up with the trend of putting the subject lines of spam in SCREAMING ALL CAPS? Do they think this will make me want to click it when I didn't before? Sorry, spammers. I find that even MORE annoying than before, and the fact that the subject lines appear as just one huge block of all-caps text just makes my eye skim over them more than before. In other words, I am less likely to notice the subject line than I was. Nice going. Idiots.
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