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So, we went to see "The Ant Bully" today...

Talking ants and other insects? No problem.

An ant who's a wizard? No problem.

A wizard ant who creates a potion that shrinks a kid to ant size? No problem.

Ants with boyfriends and girlfriends even though only the queen can have babies? No problem.

An ant-sized kid finding his "inner ant" and climbing sheer walls? No problem.

Ants riding wasps and working together to defeat Teh Evol Exterminator? No problem.

Guess what threw me right out of the story?

Go on. I dare you.

Give up?

A male glowworm.

I...am a big bug nerd. Yes, I am. And I say that realizing that not all insects are bugs.

*headdesks repeatedly*
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