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Y'all are probably tired of hearing from me by now...

But, we went and saw "Barnyard" the other day. Yeah. That movie with the boy cows that have udders. And I'm still processing the damb thing. Mostly what I have to say is:


I can handle boy cows with udders. I can handle animals that speak and understand English.

However, this movie doesn't just suspend your disbelief. It hangs it by its neck until it's strangled, dead, and bloated, with crows picking out its eyeballs.

We have cows hotwiring cars and going on joyrides. We have barnyard animals stealing motorcycles. We have nightly raves in the barn.

There's this...THING. That dances. I don't know what it is. I'm not sure the writers know what it is. It's...it's...a THING. Yeah.

At the same time, there are some genuinely poignant moments in this movie. Also, some genuinely scary ones, because those coyotes are frightening as hell. We also have scenes that made me laugh out loud (such as the payoff for the car-chase scene).

I just...I enjoyed it. I guess. It's not going in the DVD collection, but I'm not sorry I went.

But it's WEIRD.

In other news, "Farscape" continues to rock my socks.
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