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The fic-writing meme...

Ganked from inlovewithnight, and cut because it's sort of long...

Keyboard or biro?
Oh, keyboard. I do keep a journal-thingy with me most of the time, so if inspiration strikes while I don't have access to my computer, I can still scribble it down, but it doesn't feel real to me until I see it on the screen.

Beta or no beta?
Generally, no beta. Occasionally, I'll run it past someone (waves to bigsciencybrain, justmalea, and janchristensen) to make sure it doesn't suck, especially if it's for a ficathon that requires a beta, but I have this weird fear that I really do suck and that a beta will tell me so, brutally. Of course, I edit obsessively, and will frequently read it aloud to my long-suffering Hubby to make sure it flows and that I'm not repeating words too often. That's a good way to catch typos and missing words as well.

I don't outline the "plot" per se, but plot happens in my fic. I have no idea how, and I'm afraid that if I try to analyze it too much, it'll go away.

Oh, Lord, I suck at titles. Lots of times, I'll turn to famous quotes, and those tend to be my best titles.

Smushy or smutty?
Um, neither? I don't do porn. In fact, I think I can count the number of times unmarried characters have wound up naked in bed together, in my fics, on one hand--and I've only written one very explicit thing, just to see if I could. I realize that the characters frequently go at it like bunnies on the shows, but I'm honestly not comfortable with that, and so I just don't put them in situations where it happens. And I suck at romance, so smushy is sort of out too, although it happens sometimes. "Blooming Cactus" surprised me by going in that direction.

I have to, for FFN posting, although I frequently forget to do one for LJ posting. Heh.

Funniest fic?
The Kitten!Cuddler!Jayne fic, "Partners in Crime." This was also the first Firefly fic I ever wrote.

Most popular fic?
According to the review count at FFN, it's "Partners in Crime." People seem to like "Black Market Beagles" too, which is also a humor piece with animals. I'm sensing a pattern here...

Most fun to write?
I think I'm going to go with "Another Day, Another Apocalypse," my Angel/Firefly crossover in which I hooked Jayne and Illyria up. The ending may have been something of a copout, but if Joss can close a Hellmouth by dropping a bunch of dynamite down it and blowing up a school on top of it, I guess I can put paid to one by setting it on fire with a spaceship engine. "Nature's Special Effects" was fun too, because I set myself a challenge to write a fic with no dialogue whatsoever...and, hey. Dinosaur.

Best and worst?
Best is probably "Assimilation," the ReaverFic, as disturbing as it is. Worst is, without a doubt, "Reward," the first one I ever wrote, and the only one that induces cringing when I re-read it.

Coulda been contenders?
I think "RiverDance" could be better. I know what I was trying to do with it, but I'm not sure my execution was all it should have been.

Dialogue. Plot, although, as aforementioned, I'm not sure how "plot" happens in my stories--it just does. Grammar and spelling. The technical stuff is second nature to me, which makes the writing process a lot easier than it would be otherwise. I think my action scenes are pretty good, although I have to rework them over and over and over again until they're decent. Also, I can bring the funny and the snark when I want to.

I suck at description. I tend to use River as a crutch more than I ought to, to get other characters to confront their feelings about something. I sometimes overuse dialogue, and I have to make an effort so that a fic isn't just a bunch of people standing around yakking at each other. I also use the phrase "more than strictly necessary" more than is strictly necessary. I suck at writing romance. I abuse ellipses and em-dashes.

Dirty Little Secrets?
I love writing crossovers, and AnimalFic is my crack. I don't actually have an OTP and see no contradiction between shipping Spike/Fred and Spike/Illyria. My cast-iron kink is Spike drinking from people's wrists, and I've had him do that in four different fics I can think of, with four different characters (this probably, upon reflection, isn't a "secret"). And yes, I realize that I'm weird.

In other news, I still feel like crap. I need to go to the bank and make a deposit, go to the library and turn in stuff that's due today and pick up the last two Farscape S1 discs and "Academ's Fury" by Jim Butcher--which, luckily for me, are all at the same branch. We have something like twenty libraries in the Valley, all in the Salt Lake County Library System, so it's not a given that they'd all be in one place. I can reserve them online and they'll all show up at one branch, but I'd have to wait a couple of days, and I don't wanna.

I should also go grocery shopping. Ugh.
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