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*headdesks repeatedly*

Well, the library didn't have "Academ's Fury." Apparently a transit request hit the system before I could get to the book.

On the other hand...

*headdesks again*

We all know that most of the Buffy and Angel novelizations suck big green mossy rocks, right? The writing style is dull, the characterizations are off, the dialogue is lame, and the villains are boring. They're not BADfic per se, but they're not very good either.

That being said...

The library was selling off a bunch of them. For a quarter apiece. So I bought them.

Seventeen of them. All Angel tie-ins, even though they had some Buffy tie-ins too, but it's time I admitted to myself that the only reason I watched Buffy was for Spike, whereas I liked Angel for everyone. So, yeah. They also had the two "Unseen" BtVS/AtS crossovers I was missing (I bought the middle one at another library without really looking at it and only found out when I got it home what it was), so I grabbed them as well.

So, I don't have Jim Butcher-y goodness. But I have plenty of AtS...badness?

*headdesks some more*
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