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I got my Serenity ornament today, and it is very shiny and made of awesome. It would be even cooler if I had the Mal and Jayne action figures to go with it, but I don't. Woe. Perhaps I shall finally buy them on eBay. Along with Spike's and Angel's cars. After all, I have Starsky's car--along with a Pacer, a Pinto, and a Gremlin, and a '59 DeSoto Fireflite that isn't Spike's.

My Farscape S2 DVDs shipped today. Which is good, because we've only got six eps left to watch in S1. My Angel scriptbooks are nowhere to be seen, and I'm really hoping that they didn't come while we were in Dallas and get stolen off my porch, because that would suck. I'll give them another week before I start getting worried.

I have two and a half pages of ScruffDogFic. Where this is going, I have no idea, and I'm seriously debating having her die on the operating table. The Hubby says I can't do that, because the Antichrist can't die, per se, but he is a silly person.

I got my assignment for friend_fic today. Now I have a month to pick two characters of the opposite sex and write friendship fic inspired by "nothing whatsoever." Hee! Ideas are percolating. I've wanted to write Jayne and Inara for a fair bit. This may be my opportunity, although inlovewithnight has written the perfect one of those.

The airplane should be ready any time. The radio that was off getting fixed is done getting fixed and should be shipped back to the FBO soon. Hubby's got eight days off for his transition from August to September, so if it's ready then, that would be perfect.

I did 26.6 miles and burned 1250 calories on the recumbent stationary bike yesterday. Today, I'm doing a little weightlifting. That being said, I do not recommend dropping three pounds in one day to anyone. 'Tis draining. But at least I'm back to where I was before we went to Texas. Of course, that was before we found the dark chocolate M&Ms at WalMart, which we've been waiting to come out FOREVER. And they are just as delicious as you'd think they'd be. Dammit.
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