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Been doing a lot of random posts lately...

So here's another one!

We finished up with Farscape S1 the other day. All I have to say is:


I woke up this morning in severe pain from my back. A massive dose of ibuprofen has been taken; a heating pad is being applied. I hate my stupid back. I can barely walk, and my leg hurts. Dammit.

We're going to Iowa on Tuesday to pick up the airplane. Yay! The radio has been fixed, but hasn't made its way to Iowa yet--hopefully, it will be there by the time we get there. We're planning on a leisurely trip back after the Hubby inspects the plane on Wednesday; he says we're going to get back home on Sunday.

Which means that I won't be able to attend the FanConComm meeting for MountainCon. Gyah. I hope there'll be another one before the actual Con, because I still have no idea what day the panel I'm on is going to be, or what time, or any of that stuff. Speaking of which, I should send off an email to the guy in charge. *does so*

My new crack is Diet Strawberries and Cream Pepsi. ZOMG SO GOOD.

I'm thinking of dropping out of all the icon comms I'm in. I haven't made an icon for a contest in who knows how long, so it seems to me there's no sense in belonging to comms I'm not participating in anymore. I can always rejoin if I get a yen to start up again.

I've scribbled a paragraph in the ScruffDogFic. I have a direction it's heading. And I think my definition of "fluff" is probably different from everyone else's. *evil laughter*
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