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Today was better than yesterday. For one thing, I only left the house to go to the chiropractor. I didn't have this big elaborate expensive thing I had to do that would cost us dearly if I screwed it up. So that was a shiny thing. My back still hurts, and I still can't touch my knees, but it's minutely better than it was. Yayness.

For another, my S2 Farscape DVDs came today. To my surprise and pleasure, they're four-disc sets instead of the two-disc, double-sided sets I was expecting. I looked at Amazon's reviews, and apparently they had trouble with the two-sided discs, so...here we are. Yay!

In honor of getting them, I made a wallpaper. It's probably not all that, as wallpapers go, but it's mine and I like it and I share it with you. It's snaggable if anyone wants the silly thing.

Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size pic:


In other news, the Hubby made it to Colorado in the new plane okay, although it wore him out. Apparently we need to get a GPS for it, stat. He may stay an extra day; he hasn't decided. Depends a lot on what the weather does.

In other other news, the Angel Scriptbook comics I BIN'd on eBay three weeks ago still haven't arrived. *sigh* I'm about ready to give up on eBay for comics. Because, dude. I emailed the seller, but with the holiday weekend, who knows when I'll hear back from him. I hope to hell they didn't get delivered to my front porch while we were at Little Brother's wedding, and then someone took them. Because that would suck.
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