Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer


My back hurts more today, but I have more freedom of movement. Go figure. I get to go get it cracked again tomorrow. Whee.

Look! Icons!

Crikey, there's a lot of wank about Steve Irwin's death. Holy cow, people. That being said, you just know that "How did Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin die?" is going to be a Trivial Pursuit question in one of their future editions.

New House tonight! YAY! And the premiere of "Standoff," which I'm only watching because Gina Torres is in it. I refuse to get attached to it. After all, it's on Fox.

I learned something today at customers_suck, which was bolstered by internet research. Brown eggs come from brown chickens. I never knew that before.

I've modified the ScruffDogFic so that it makes better sense. Many thanks to texanfan for her excellent crit. *hugs*

We went and saw "Lassie" yesterday. It was a lovely movie...but they totally left out my favorite line from the book. Woe.
Tags: croc hunter, icons, movies, pain, random, useless facts, writing
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