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Back from the Utah State Fair...

Fun was had. The Giant Yellow Slide (A State Fair Tradition!) was slid. A silly amount of food was eaten. A giant alligator was ogled. Pigs, sheep, and goats were petted. A reptile show AND an animal show were watched. The Rock Wall was NOT climbed, because of the state of my back. Artwork was admired. And a little red leather purse with enough room for my wallet and a paperback book was purchased for $10.

The animal show had a Binturong, which I'm not sure I've ever seen in action before. It had the weirdest gait, trotting across the stage almost like it was floating. I thought it was adorable. The Hubby, not so much.

The reptile show had this cobra that seemed pretty casual about the whole thing. The guy was doing his spiel, and the whole time, it was sitting there with its head on the edge of the bucket it was in looking around. "Yeah, I'm just chillin', here, lookin' at the peeps, in my comfy bucket, stickin' out my tongue and smellin' the sweet Utah air. Mmm, kettle corn."

Then we went to Best Buy, where I purchased the last copy of VM S1 they apparently had, and after that we hied ourselves to Smith's and purchased five 2-liter bottles of Strawberries and Cream Diet Pepsi.

And now I'm on the couch in a puddle of goo, after having taken 600mg of ibuprofen and sticking an ice pack under my back. Yay.
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